North American Service Portal opening

We are pleased to announce several new features on our online North American Service Portal. Changes have been made recently after receiving and analyzing your comments and requests resulting from your increased use of our platform.

Simplified and Dedicated Access You now have a dedicated access to all of the information available on our Portal. By connecting to this new portal, you will easily access the parts catalog, training courses, bulletin database and various other important resources. Your new temporary access info is at the bottom of this email. You can modify it by consulting your profile once you are logged in.

Better Bulletin Follow-up and Newsletter Views Since the safety of your passengers is at the heart of our concerns, we have implemented new indicators that make it easier for you to see whether or not you have consulted a bulletin. For "Safety Alert" type bulletins, a red flag and various reminders advising you of their availability have been added. With an improved ability to update Portal content, news and information will be more current.

Simplified Catalog You can quickly access the parts catalog and add selections to your shopping cart to make a request for a quotation. Handy parts calculators may be utilized to quickly forecast the parts required for several maintenance activities (i.e. grip & sheave assembly rebuild).

We trust that these improvements will improve your interface and satisfaction with the functionality of the Portal. The Doppelmayr Customer Service Portal (service.doppelmayr) remains active for those Customers authorized to access the D-Line Ropeway Assistant.

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