Great success! 9th edition Doppelmayr/Artec lift gear training

On October 10th the 9th edition of the Artec lift gear training seminar was held in Saint-Jérôme, QC. Topics included: gear design, gear inspection and installation, and proper gearbox mounting. The seminar was designed to provide participants with information on how to operate the equipment with a better understanding of signs and causes of failure. Understanding these topics allows operators to make informed decisions related to operations and service.

Doppelmayr would like to thank the instructors, experts John B. Amendola III (President of Artec Machine Systems) and Dereck Yatzook (Manager of Contract Engineering) for their commitment to providing the industry with the best quality of workmanship and a strong dedication.

Thank you to all attendees who participated in this seminar. Your presence and participation helped to make this event a great success!
We look forward to continued participation in future seminars.

Upcoming 2020 season calendar available soon!

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