Maintenance Services

Why is it important to calibrate precision tools and measuring equipment?

Doppelmayr recommends calibrating tools used for the maintenance and the adjustment of the components of ski lift. The smooth running of your equipment will be equal to the precision of the adjustments that are made on your tools. It is the best way to insure the performance of your equipments and the safety of the passengers.


What are the recommended tools and measuring equipment which require to be calibrated or need to be tested?


  • a Torque wrenches (for fasteners, brake torque testing, etc)
  • a Manometers
  • a Calibration device for the electronic grip force testing (service available through Doppelmayr)*
  • a Measuring instruments (calipers, micrometers, etc)
  • a NDT Equipment (power supplies, black lights, Gauss meters, etc)

The calibration of data and measurement tools is an important factor for reliability and performance for your equipment.

Contact your Doppelmayr representative for more details.


When should your tools be tested and calibrated?


Even if every instrument is unique and has a specific use, according to our service manual and Best Maintenance Practices, it is recommended that they be check and recertified every two years.


Maintenance is always profitable...


Taking care of your equipment is an investment. The planned calibration of your tools and measuring instruments is essential to the smooth running of your ski lift. Calibrated equipment applies the proper torque as per the requirements of fastener grade and size; they confirm proper grip function; they allow for accurate measurement and fit calculations; they assure proper inspection ~ and they are one of the best ways to prevent premature equipment failure and accidents.

*As mentioned in our service manuals – chapter 18, Doppelmayr offers to all our customers in North America, the service to check the accuracy of the calibration device for the electronic grip force testing. Please contact your local representative.