North America and Austria Training Seminar Update

A new Doppelmayr Ropeway Training Center in Dornbirn, Bildgasse 12, Austria opened for customers and Doppelmayr trainees on May 25th! The Ropeway Training Center is approximately 8km or 12min drive from the headquarters in Wolfurt.

For now, unfortunately, while the global health crisis continues to impact both travel and group gatherings, they will only be able to start with restrictions and courses will be exclusively offered to Austrian Customers.

All previously planned international training sessions in Wolfurt have been canceled until at least the end of September.

On the bright side, Doppelmayr USA is working to develop and offer a NA version of "Doppelmayr Connect Training".  While this too may be impacted by the current health situation, we are moving forward with the development and hope to have an initial offering before the start of the 2020/2021 winter season

Information related to Customer cost, date, duration, and location options will be released as soon as possible but are not available at this time. We will convey this information as soon as it is available.

We appreciate both your interest and patience as we rethink the challenges, options, and details for continued training in both North America and Austria!

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